1st - 28th February

Everyday in February we will have a fun Latin word of the day, each accompanied by an explanation of what it means and an artefact from Vindolanda or the Roman Army Museum.

Each day we encourage you to use our word in conversation, link it to something in your life, or do something creative such as draw a picture write a poem based on the word. There are so many ways to get involved with our 28 Days of Latin event. By the end of the event you will have learned how much Latin we still use in our language today and you’ll have 28 new words to add to your vocabulary!

We will release the words for the 28 days here at the end of January so you can plan any creations.

Don’t forget to share with us your creations #28daysoflatin #vindolanda

Download the 28 Days of Latin printable calendar to make sure you never miss a day!

We’ll also have some great downloadable activity sheets for kids over the half term so watch this space.

Can’t wait for February? Head across the Minimus website and start your adventures in Latin now!