2022 is the 1900th anniversary of the building of Hadrian's Wall and we are busy planning an action packed year of events to celebrate the Hadrian's Wall 1900 Festival. 

This list gives you a taster of what is to come in 2022.

Please note that time slot bookings for the 2022 season will not be released until early February 2022.

January 24th - September 23rd: 1900 Bunting Challenge

Celebrating the 1900th Anniversary we are challenging everyone to help us to create by knitting, crocheting or sewing 1900 flags of bunting. Download the design template to get started. We will collect all the finished designs and display them on our replica section of Hadrian's Wall at Roman Vindolanda during the October half term. What says celebration more than bunting?!

24th January - October at the Roman Army Museum: Militaria Exhibition

A temporary exhibition at the Roman Army Museum which has been extended specifically for the Hadrian's 1900 Festival. The exhibition shows an assembly of military artefacts never seen in public which are on private loan to the Vindolanda Trust.

February 1st -28th: 28 Days of Latin with Minimus

This is an online event running throughout February. Each day we will give you a Latin word to incorporate into your everyday conversation. You can also use the word to inspire a piece of art, a poem or short story. The wonderful people at Minimus are supporting this event and it is a terrific way to engage with the Latin language. There is more Latin in our everyday language than you might at first think!

May 1st - 31st at Roman Army Museum: Rosalia Festival of Roses.

See the Roman Army Museum decorated with roses to commemorate the birth of Mars the god of war. Roman soldiers would have this festival every year to commemorate fallen comrades. Running alongside this we will have an online event looking at the different festivals Romans celebrated throughout the year - do we still celebrate any of them?

June 1st -25th & 26th at Vindolanda: Gone to the Wall, outdoor theatre.

Gone To The Wall is a family play, set in the year AD 121. The ideas, reality, and difficulties of such a mammoth undertaking as building the frontier are comically explored, while putting on a colourful and entertaining version of what may have happened. Romans, Celts, music, and laughs throughout!

August 27th & 28th at Vindolanda: Romans Return for a big birthday bash!

The world-famous Ermine Street Guard will be celebrating their 50th anniversary year with us at Vindolanda. See military displays, a Roman camp and have a go at the Roman soldier school. A great weekend not to be missed. 

September 11th - 12th at Vindolanda: Claudia Severa's Birthday Celebrations

Celebrating the birthday of Claudia Severa who invited Sulpicia Lepidina who lived at Vindolanda to her birthday party on the 11th September over 1900 years ago. This invitation was found surviving at Vindolanda in the 1980's and is an amazing insight into the lives of women living on the frontier. Get dressed at a Roman and join us to celebrate.

December 1st - 31st  at Vindolanda: Saturnalia

Display of a feast for the festival of Saturnalia in the Activity Centre at Roman Vindolanda.

Learn about the winter festival celebrated by the Romans and how our celebrations today have been shaped by these ancient gatherings.

December Weekends at Vindolanda: Festive Light Tours

Head through the beautifully lit gardens and the fort stopping at some of Vindolanda's most iconic spots for photos and learning about life on the frontier. Key highlights are the fireball and temple in the gardens the replica sections of Hadrian's Wall and the aqueduct.

For this festive light tour we encourage you to wear your favourite holiday jumper, hat and/or any other festive accessories - especially any that light up!