To celebrate the 1900th Anniversary of the building of Hadrian's Wall we are setting ourselves and everyone around the world a challenge.  To create by knitting, crocheting or sewing 1900 flags of bunting which will then decorate our replica section of Hadrian's Wall at Roman Vindolanda in an exhibition between 22nd-30th October 2022.

This is an opportunity for everyone who has been inspired by Hadrian's Wall, no matter where they are in the world, to become part of the celebration of this iconic landmark and its impact over the 1900 years it has stood.

You can follow the crochet patterns designed by Lynne Barber and make it your own by changing the colours or adding extra details. This would be a great stash busting task to tidy up any extra wool you have lying around. If you struggle to knit or crochet with 2 colours create a plain flag and then sew on a design by hand. Our bunting flags are approximately  10cm in width and 16cm in length if you would like to create you own design or adapt ours.

You can follow the knitting patterns created by Clare who was inspired after seeing the crochet to transform our bunting flags into a knitted pattern. You can download the patterns on her website here.

If you would like to help us reach our target you can post your finished designs to us at:

The Bunting Challenge,

Vindolanda Trust,

Chesterholm Museum,

Bardon Mill,



NE47 7JN, UK

We are running this event in conjunction with Lynne Barber of Knot Unique who will hold special workshops where you can learn to knit or crochet to help get you started. Workshops run by The Vindolanda Trust will also look at the history of textiles and what evidence we have at Vindolanda.

Click on the images or text below to download your preferred crochet template or download both in the pack.

Download the Roman Shield Pattern                Download the Numerals Patterns

Download the 1900 Bunting challenge pack to share with your crafting group

Here we have some of our first flags as examples. You can use whatever technique works best for you and the back does not need to be super neat. If you can weave in your ends so there are no loose strands that will really help us.

3 flags of crocheted bunting sitting side by side front and back images

You can find out more information about the wider festival and the listing of events planned across the Wall on the Hadrian's Wall 1900 website.