Roman pyxides, wood turning and creative inspiration

As archaeologists we often wonder 'How did they make that?' This leads to experimental archaeology like Rob's Roman inspired wooden pyxides. Read more

From Denmark to Vindolanda

Inspiration comes to us all from different places. Here Hans Christian tells us about his journey which has lead him to Vindolanda. Read more

Cakey Creations

The mixing of her personal passions of the classics and cake, Claire has created a beautiful representation of Vindolanda. Read more

Sweet Replica Turrets

Recreating the iconic Vindolanda replica sections of Hadrian's Wall in a wonderfully sweet form! Read more

Leather Mice

Ilya a shoemaker from Russia has been inspired by the work of possibly another leather worker from 2000 years ago. Read more

Minimus' Shadow

Inspired by our recent discovery of an ancient leather mouse, Minimus illustrator Helen Forte has created a wonderful comic explaining its origin! Read more

Vindolanda Fly Through

Harry a Vindolanda volunteer excavator shows us a digital creative project with a reconstructed Vindolanda. Step into the 3rd century vicus and travel over the rooves of the fort. Read more

Wool stash footwear

Barbara spends a lot of time with the Trust's collection of boots and shoes. it has inspired her to hook some new creations. Read more

Celtic Inspired Cards

Joe was inspired by the beautiful celtic duck brooch excavated in 2018 and it's trumpet-scroll swirls that add decoration to the shape of the duck. Read more

Greetings From Codley Gate

Staff members Karen and Alan live on site at Roman Vindolanda and have returned to an ancient way of communicating, inspired by Vindolanda's Top Treasure the Ink Writing Tablets. Read more

A love letter to Vindolanda

Helen was inspired by the Vindolanda site and the feeling she gets when she walks through it. Read more