Please help us to preserve and research the Roman fort at Magna by supporting the Vindolanda Via Roma

On the morning of 9th August 2020, the CEO and Director of Excavations of Vindolanda, Andrew, and the Vice Chair of the Trust, Gary, will climb on board their loaded down Vespas and leave the Roman site of Vindolanda, embarking on a 3,500 miles round trip to Rome over 13 days. Their aim is to raise £50,000 towards excavation of the fort at Magna, which is owned and cared for by the Vindolanda Trust and is increasingly threatened by climate change.

Over the course of the challenge, the riders will visit the homes of the Nervians, Gauls, Vocontians, Reatians, Tungrians, Batavians and many others – travelling through the ancient lands of people who made Vindolanda their home almost 2000 years ago. Like many of the soldiers they are camping most of the way, packing their tents and supplies on their steeds and relying on their wits to navigate borders, busy modern cities and roads made more daunting by the vagaries of the weather. The aim will be to keep to as many Roman routes as possible. They will have to navigate 13 major Roman highways and many more minor Roman roads; pass through 9 Roman Provinces and travel over 600 miles of Roman frontiers.

The archaeologists will also get an insight into some of the challenges faced by the Roman postal service, the Cursus Publicus. Its Roman horse riders could potentially travel over 100 miles a day, the equivalent to a Vespa on a full tank of fuel. They are up against a very ancient clock, on roads and borders with very modern problems; will 2000 years of history be with them or against them? Can they make it from Vindolanda to Rome and back in 13 days on their Vespas?

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and donating to the cause. Every donation over £35, a £1 per 100 miles, includes a free Vindolanda Via Roma patch.