Can you help us fund the Robin Birley Archaeology Centre?

A new multi-purpose excavation and post-excavation facility at Roman Vindolanda

Help us towards securing the future of research at the site of Vindolanda.  This new facility will be the base for both excavation and post-excavation for the next generation.

We are delighted to have commissioned Green Unit to manufacture our new centre. The design concept links back to the former Nissen Huts that were used for education purposes in the 1970s as well as the vaulted roof structure of the Roman Bath House which is directly adjacent to the site. The building utilises the existing foundations and doesn’t impact on the archaeological asset.

The Green Unit ARC is a modular building with a stunning, curved design that mimics organic forms found in nature. Our new archaeology centre is being built offsite in a factory-controlled environment and will be delivered to our site virtually complete in five road-transportable pod sections. The building will be highly sustainable using environmentally-friendly processes and materials, and is designed to be highly insulated and airtight.

The design of Green Unit's ARC II building has been specifically modified to meet the Trust's requirements and the building with its green roof and timber cladding sourced in the UK will blend into the natural environment, complimenting rather than distracting from the wider landscape.  

Unlike the existing wooden sheds, this new facility can be used all year round.  The flexible internal space means that outside of the excavation season the building can be a classroom for educational visits, a base for archaeological workshops and post-excavation research. 

Jonathan Finnerty, Managing Director of Green Unit, said “Vindolanda is such a well-respected organisation and we’re proud to be working with them to design and build their new multi-purpose excavation facility. The Green Unit ARC will look perfectly at home on the site, blending seamlessly into the natural surroundings, and maintaining the sustainability of the site for future generations.”

With planning permission for the building gained the building is now in the production phase off-site in Oxfordshire. This very latest images show you the internal scale of the new building. Thank you to everyone who has donated towards this project so far, we cannot stress what a difference having this facility on site will make for our excavation and post-excavation work here at Vindolanda.

Work in progress of the new archaeology centre November 2019