Roman Classroom

Seeing is believing!

Our fabulous new education room at THE ROMAN ARMY MUSEUM is an action packed Roman classroom where you and your pupils can interact with our Roman teacher Velius Longus who will emerge from the past, via a hologram, complete with his remarkable magic blackboard – every teacher should have one! Sit back and relax in your special teachers chair while your class enjoys a memorable Roman style learning experience.
Language, maths and morals will prepare your pupils for life in the Roman Empire.
Roman Army Museum Classroom

Subject Matter

Topics covered in our interactive class are:
  • Roman citizenship
  • geography
  • numeracy
  • light Latin
  • Finishes with an Aesop's Fable.

This not to be missed c. 20 minute lesson is suitable for all ages and can only be experienced at The Roman Army Museum. 

Group Information

It forms part of our museum education package for groups of 15 or more and comes at no extra cost but it must be booked in advance.

Two Sites, One Amazing Day Out