Nothing stands still at the Vindolanda Trust. Rarely a day goes by when there isn't excitement buzzing around our sites, whether it's the announcement of a new archaeological find or a visit from international media looking to recapture an authentic glimpse of Roman Britain. Find out about all the latest developments here as well as updates about forthcoming events and exhibitions. Also take a look at our Excavation Reports for information about former and ongoing archaeological discoveries.

Upcoming Events

03-Apr-2017 - Vindolanda Excavations 2017 - Read More »
08-Apr-2017 - Hadrians Cavalry 2017 - Read More »
01-May-2017 - Vindolanda Lectures 2017 - Read More »
16-May-2017 - Chamfron Colouring competition - Read More »
20-Aug-2017 - Pottery Course at Vindolanda - Read More »