Visiting Roman Vindolanda 

The most exciting archaeological site on Hadrian's Wall

Arrive at the extensive and fascinating site of Roman Vindolanda with its superb Museum - home of Britain’s top treasure, the Vindolanda writing tablets

Guided site tours often available.

Explore Vindolanda,the most excavated site on the Roman Frontier, and our world class museum with its ‘not to be missed’ outstanding collection of Roman objects.

40+ years of active archaeology has brought this Roman frontier site and its people straight from the past right into the present. 

LIVING ARCHAEOLOGY: The Roman remains on the site are the most extensive of any fort and settlement on Hadrian’s Wall. All daily life is here, military buildings, stores, shops, houses and TWO bath houses.

See our archaeologists at work (April to Sept). 

TAKE YOUR OWN PERSONAL JOURNEY THROUGH TIME: before strolling down to the museum.
THE MUSEUM: As you pass through the museum you will encounter a whole range of personal belongings lost, left or scattered by the Roman inhabitants including shoes, textiles, coins, jewellery, pottery and so much more.

COFFEE SHOP: where you can sit, relax and enjoy a homemade treat before you stroll around the museum and excavations.

SHOP: The museum shop has a great affordable range of books, gifts and souvenirs.

You can see more of the site on the return to your transport.

ADDED EXTRA: If time permits you can add a visit to a section of Hadrian's Wall at Steel Rigg, a 5 minute drive from Vindolanda ( Our custodians will give directions)  — allow about 45 minutes.
Transfer to Roman Army Museum - about 15 minutes by following the line of Hadrian’s Wall through the scenic Northumbrian countryside.