Visiting The Roman Army Museum 

- Where the past comes to life

GALLERY ONE - you walk straight into the role of the army in the Roman Empire.
Watch the Empire expand and contract, learn more about the strength and variety of different types of soldier, look at real Roman artefacts from Vindolanda including the only Roman helmet crest ever to be discovered, listen to the recruiting officer and decide whether to join up.

The Roman Army and its Empire gallery, including the compelling recruitment film and life size reconstructions of Roman soldiers, awaits you.

Roman Classroom - Sit back while our holographic Roman teacher delivers your class an 18 minute lesson in Roman citizenship, geography, numeracy, light Latin and finishes with an Aesop's Fable.

GALLERY TWO - is devoted to Hadrian’s Wall with a spectacular image banner of truly monumental proportions, highlighting the successful invasion and occupation of Britain by the Romans and the 3D FILM THEATRE. 

The Eagles Eye film gives an aerial view of the Wall as it is today then transports you back nearly 2000 years to Roman times for a TRULY MEMORABLE time travel experience. 

Put on your specially provided 3D glasses (they easily fit over normal specs!) and view the internationally acclaimed Edge of Empire 3D film which follows the life of a young recruit to the Wall.

You now have time to visit Hadrian and find out more about his life from boyhood to Emperor and frontier builder before entering the next gallery. 
Meet the Emperor Hadrian and visit the Daily life on the Frontier gallery.

GALLERY THREE - where the daily life of the multi-cultural army on the Wall awaits you.

SHOP - The museum shop has a great affordable range of gifts and souvenirs.

LUNCH: there are picnic tables in The Roman Army Museum car park

ADDED EXTRA: If time permits you can add a visit to the superb section of Hadrian's Wall at Walltown Crags next to the Roman Army Museum — allow about 45 minutes.

Transfer to Vindolanda - about 15 minutes by following the line of Hadrian’s Wall through the scenic Northumbrian countryside.