Beyond Vindolanda

Hadrian's Wall

Visit us and visit one of the UK's most famous world heritage sites.

Visit The Edge of the Roman Empire

At Vindolanda Fort and the Roman Army Museum you are already having the ultimate 'Edge of Empire' experience on Hadrian?s Wall. This 2000 year old colossal feat of engineering provides the incredible setting for one of the region's most distinctive holiday or day visit experiences. A stunning string of forts, milecastles and turrets stretching 80 Roman miles (73 of our miles!) from East to West, coast to coast.

 There are 12 other major Roman tourist attractions vying for your attention all with a story to tell about the wall and the World Heritage site. Mix in an incredibly beguiling landscape, bustling market towns and pretty villages and you have all the ingredients to make your own unforgettable occupation of the England's northern frontier.