Vindolanda Trust - visiting with animals policy

With the exception of assistance dogs, no pets are allowed within Roman Vindolanda Fort and Museum or the Roman Army Museum.

We are often asked to explain our no dogs’ policy within both Roman Vindolanda Museum and Fort and the Roman Army Museum.

Roman Vindolanda is classed as a scheduled ancient monument and the remains along with the grounds and buildings require careful protection to ensure that visitors can continue to enjoy for many years to come.

Introducing pets to a crowded and unfamiliar environment can pose safety risks for both people and animals, and our policy is applied to protect the visitors (many of whom are children) as well as the monument.

Our sites are used year round by schools and visiting families and while we appreciate that the majority of owners are responsible and their dogs are well trained, there are a few however that are not. It is known that even well trained animals placed in a busy environment surrounded by unfamiliar people and potentially other animals, their behaviour may become unpredictable.

Dog excrement is a known hazard and as a live archaeological site, we also require to ensure that the archaeological material is also not contaminated and our volunteers are not put at risk.

The grounds at both museums are located within the Northumberland National Park and as such blessed with wildlife including squirrels and birds. Wild animals think of dogs (even friendly ones) as potential predators and are discouraged from visiting areas which contain dogs.  

Within a short walk of the Roman Army Museum, is Walltown Quarry, with a lake and walks, it is a great place to walk your dog just minutes from the Museum.