Post excavation programme 2018

2018 Places now fully booked


Places for post excavation work at Vindolanda are FREE and run alongside the excavations every year.

There are four places per session available.

Two places are available on the pottery team and two places are available on the bone team per session.


Pottery team

Work will include washing, sorting, and categorising pottery, iron, bone, glass and building materials. The pottery you will be working with will include Samian, Amphora, Mortaria, Black Burnished and other course and fine wares.



Bone team

Work will include washing, sorting, and categorising animal bone. The animal bone you will mainly be working with will include horse, cow, sheep/goat, and possibly cat and dog bones.



The sessions are as follows:

Period 2:                              16 April - 27 April

Period 3:                              30 April - 11 May

Period 4:                              14 May - 25 May

Period 5:                              28 May - 8 June

Period 6:                              11 June - 22 June

Period 7:                              25 June - 6 July

Period 8:                              16 July - 27 July

Period 9:                              30 July - 10 August

Period 10:                            13 August - 24 August

Period 11:                            27 August - 7 September

Period 12:                            10 September – 21 September

End of excavations:        24 September - 28 September ( ONE WEEK) 



To book a place please email from Thursday 2 November 2017 at 10am GMT. *NOTE - NOW FULLY SUBSCRIBED

Please state clearly in your email which session/s you would like, and on which team – pottery team or bone team.

Places are allocated on a first come, first served basis. You will receive an email confirmation if you have been allocated a place. Volunteers can request up to two periods per person. No experience or knowledge is necessary as training will be provided.

We ask all volunteers to become ‘Friends of Vindolanda’ when they volunteer with us, details of this will be supplied.


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