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Sometimes even we forget how long we have been unearthing treasures at the ancient archaeological site of Roman Vindolanda. Here you can have a look at what we have been digging up over the last ten years. It's our excavation archive for the last decade. These reports give you a year on year feel for how the archaeology has developed as we move across and through the layers of history at Vindolanda. If you like what you learn, why not consider coming to join us?

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Current Reports

Vindolanda's Amphora Stamps 2007-2012 by Kate Sheehan-Finn

Stone Sources Project - 2009-2011 Report by Mike McGuire

Stone Sources Project - 2012 Report by Mike McGuire

Mortaria Stamps Report

Excavation Report 2010

Excavation Report 2009

Excavation Report 2008

Excavation Report 2007

Excavation Report 2006

Excavation Report 2005

Excavation Report 2004

Excavation Report 2003

Excavation Report 2002

Excavation Report 2001

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