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  • Frontiers of the Roman Empire Lecture Series

    Join us at the Hedley Centre at Vindolanda for a series of lectures based around the new exhibition in the Locus - The Frontiers of the Roman Empire.

    All lectures start at 7pm please arrive slightly before this for a prompt start.

    Parking is available at the Eastgate Carpark for this event

    April 27th       Ian Haynes - 'The Frontiers of Rome as seen from Rome'

    June 7th           Rebecca Jones - ‘Rome’s North-West Frontier: The Antonine Wall’

    July 7th         David Mattingly - 'Hadrian's Wall in Africa? Rome's Desert Frontier'

    July 16th       Simon James - 'Eagles on the Euphrates: The life and violent death of the Roman garrison of Dura-Europos, Syria

    August 23rd  Pete Wilson - ‘How wide was the Frontier? The Roman army in northern England in the fourth century’

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