Conserve a Shoe 

We are used to finding Roman shoes at Vindolanda but the discovery of 421 Roman shoes during the 2016 excavations at Vindolanda was astonishing. The shoes uncovered from the Severan fort ditch and dating to c. AD 212 will give us an unparalleled demographic census of conceivably the whole community who lived at the site nearly 2,000 years ago.

Each shoe costs us between £80 and £100 pounds to conserve and we need your help!

Collection of shoes excavated at Vindolanda 

The volume of shoes found this season has resulted in a specifically re-adapted building to start the conservation process. We receive no external funding towards our excavation, conservation and research costs.

100% of your £80 donation to ‘conserve a shoe’ will go directly towards the laboratory costs.

After your payment is received, you'll receive in the post, a numbered certificate of conservation signed by the Trusts CEO & Director of Excavations Dr Andrew Birley.
A sample 'blank' certificate can be seen HERE

Thank you for supporting us, it really does make a difference.

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