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  • Vindolanda Treasures

    Vindolanda Treasures

    Vindolanda is one of the most important Roman forts in the western Roman Empire and it can claim to have produced more written evidence than any other Roman military site. The impact of the discovery of many inscribed objects and written tablets cannot be under-estimated, revealing insights into the activities of the Roman army on the northern frontier and the lives of the soldiers that were based there. Robin Birley's book provides the background to the discovery of Vindolanda and the excavations that started out as a 10-15 year project and which have outlasted his thirty-five years as Director of Excavations. The book showcases some of the best finds from the site, objects of gold, silver, pewter, iron, jet, bone, leather, pottery and glass, before moving on to a more detailed discussion of the written evidence. Examinations of inscriptions on buildings, altars, tombstones and sculpted stones, stamps and graffiti, set the context for Birley's discussion of the written tablets, all of which range from religious dedications to officers' reports, correspondence, accounts and lists.