Vindolanda Excavations 2019


Vindolanda Roman Excavations.


Monday 8th April 2019 until Friday 20th September 2019


2019 is the second year of the five-year research project ‘Understanding Communities and Identities. The Severan fortlet and roundhouse complex at Vindolanda’. 

During 2018 we uncovered a series of ditches from both the Severan and Antonine period and we made some exceptional discoveries.


Solid Silver Duck Brooch                                        Bronze votive hand


The excavations take place Monday-Friday (they are subject to weather) and you can watch our archaeologists and teams of  volunteers from around the world uncovering more of our famous site. You might just be there when the next amazing discovery is unearthed! 

Please note between 12th August – 23rd August there are no excavations taking place.  We have a range of other activities happening during this time.