Post Excavation update

Vindolanda Trust - Wednesday, May 09, 2018
Post Excavation is in full swing! The post excavation shed Post excavation at Vindolanda is now in full swing. Here in the Post Excavation shed the volunteers wash, dry and categorise the pottery, animal bone, iron, brick, tile and glass that has been excavated from the site. A few changes have been made to post excavation this year to coincide with our new SMC (Scheduled Monument Consent) five-year excavation plan. Firstly, we are now operating as two teams – a pottery team and an animal bone team. Secondly, we have set up a new recording system for the animal bone which will record more information ab Read more...

Vindolanda 2017 Animal bone assessment

Vindolanda Trust - Thursday, April 12, 2018
The past two weeks we have had the pleasure of working with Ian Smith, an animal bone specialist for Oxford Archaeology North. He was tasked with completing an initial assessment of the animal bone found from last year’s excavations. During the excavations season we have post excavation volunteers who wash, dry and sort the animal bone in to context order. Ian has then been looking more closely at each context to extract more information such as: · What different types of animals were here · Identifying the different types of bones (ribs, humerus, femur, etc.) ·  Read more...

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