Potty about Roman Pottery?

Vindolanda Trust - Tuesday, March 18, 2014
Life behind the scenes in the pottery processing shed at Vindolanda isn't glamorous, but it is always a lot of fun! For me, archaeology is all about getting to know people in the past by studying the places they inhabited and the things that they owned. There is no artefact more common than pottery on a Roman site like Vindolanda. Pottery is the stuff that people used every day for preparing, cooking, serving, eating, drinking, storing things, and even playing with. The soldiers and civilians at Vindolanda had oodles of it and, luckily, they left an enormous amount of it around for us to find among the buildings, roads and ditches o Read more...

Countdown to 2014 Excavation at Vindolanda

Vindolanda Trust - Friday, February 07, 2014
As I type this blog piece I am acutely aware that there are only 7 weeks until the beginning of the 2014 excavation season at Vindolanda and the countdown is well and truly underway. This week saw the Vindolanda Trust welcome new members of staff to the customer services team and there was intensive training of all staff ahead of the opening of Vindolanda and the Roman Army Museum 7 days a week from this Saturday (8th February). Full opening times for 2014 are available at www.vindolanda.com (the link is in the left-hand column of the blog) and we are all looking forward to welcoming visitors to both sites on a daily basis in 2014!  Read more...

Vindolanda's Pottery Collection Moves House

Vindolanda Trust - Wednesday, January 22, 2014
Everyone at Vindolanda is involved in the big storage reshuffle. Today the Samian collection and much of the pottery excavated at Vindolanda in more than forty excavation seasons has been relocated to the newly renovated storage facility at Codley Gate Farm. Patricia, Andrew and Colin with the new work benches The work spaces are located close to the finds in order to make it easy to access parts of the Vindolanda collections for research and further work. Colin next to the boxes that contain Vindolanda's dec Read more...

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