Post Excavation update

Vindolanda Trust - Wednesday, May 09, 2018

Post Excavation is in full swing!

The post excavation shed

Post excavation at Vindolanda is now in full swing. Here in the Post Excavation shed the volunteers wash, dry and categorise the pottery, animal bone, iron, brick, tile and glass that has been excavated from the site.

A few changes have been made to post excavation this year to coincide with our new SMC (Scheduled Monument Consent) five-year excavation plan.

Firstly, we are now operating as two teams – a pottery team and an animal bone team.

Secondly, we have set up a new recording system for the animal bone which will record more information about the types of bones we are finding than we have done in previous years.

The pottery team have been categorising:

  • Samian
  • Mortaria
  • Amphora
  • Other course ware
  • Other fine ware
  • Other bulk finds (brick, tile, iron)


Sherds of Samian

A sherd of Amphora

Sherds of Mortaria

The animal bone team have been looking at:

  • Jaws and teeth
  • Large mammal bone – cow and horse
  • Medium mammal bone – pig, sheep or goat and deer
  • Small mammal bone – dog and cat

A cow’s mandible (jaw) with teeth


 Two large mammal ribs

Volunteers sort and record how many pieces/sherds and the weight of finds as well as any further identification information from each context to enable further work to be completed in the winter months, when the data is looked at more closely.

A great start to the season for post excavation!


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