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Vindolanda Trust - Monday, March 26, 2018
Welcome to the new format of The Vindolanda Blog! We are now only one week away from the beginning of 2018 excavations' season and the re-vamped Vindolanda Blog is just one of the many exciting new features we have in store for both Visitors and Volunteers this year.
The wheelbarrows are at the ready, the first turf has already been broken, and the archaeological team is excited to start a new 5-years-long Research Excavation program. As part of the project 'Understanding Communities and Identities' we have had the chance to employ, for the 2018 excavations' season, a new Archaeological Assistant, Beth Harvey. We extend a warm welcome to her, and let her introduce herself to you all with her own words!

'Hi, my name is Bethany Harvey and I have recently joined the Vindolanda team as the new Archaeological Assistant. I studied History and Archaeology at Bangor University before switching onto a 4-year master’s degree in Archaeology, which I graduated from in July 2017. My interest in Roman Archaeology started when I was little, and continued to grow throughout my years at university, where I studied various modules on Roman frontiers and artefacts. Unfortunately, before my time at university, I was unable to take part in any excavations, so I took all the opportunities I could while at Bangor. I undertook various excavations ranging from a Late Bronze Age double ring worked enclosure on the Llyn Peninsula, where I was employed by the university as an Archaeological intern, to an Irish internment camp, set up after the Easter Rising, at Frongoch in Bala. These experiences set me up with a passion for troweling and wielding mattocks. One of my main interests is the presence and representation of civilians on the Roman frontiers, a topic which I studied for my thesis, including a case study on Vindolanda. With all the experience and knowledge I have gained through different excavations and through my studies, I was lucky enough to be offered my dream job here at Vindolanda. In my time here, I hope to grow as an archaeologist and to learn more about this amazing site.'


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