Roman Army Museum Archaeological Detective voting results 2016

Vindolanda Trust - Wednesday, December 21, 2016
Since the opening of our new display at the Roman Army Museum in February 2016, which looks at ethnicity, women and children at the fort, we have been collecting your votes on three archaeological questions. The results are below… A man’s skull was found during our excavations. From the evidence provided in the display, who was he? Roman - 37% Barbarian - 17% British - 27% Italian - 19% From the evidence on display, did women live in Roman forts? Yes - 62% No - 38% How do you think the child found under a barrack floor died from reading the evidence provided? Murd Read more...

If the shoe fits

Vindolanda Trust - Monday, October 10, 2016
1,800 years ago the Roman army built one of its smallest but most heavily defended forts at the site of Vindolanda, which is now a part of the Frontiers of The Roman Empire World Heritage Site. The small garrison of a few hundred soldiers and their families took shelter behind a series of large ditches and ramparts, while outside the walls a war was raging between the northern British Tribes and Roman forces. Once the war was over (c AD 212) the troops and their dependants pulled out of the fort, and anything that they could not carry with them on the march was tossed into the defensive ditches. The rubbish in the ditches was then quickly Read more...

Wooden treasures unearthed at Vindolanda

Vindolanda Trust - Tuesday, June 28, 2016
Spectacular start to the excavation season at Roman Vindolanda Vindolanda is a rare archaeological site, one that even after 45 years of continuous excavation seasons still keeps releasing more treasures from the past. The treasures are not those that we think of in a traditional sense but rather a hoard of very normal finds. What makes these ordinary items extraordinary is the fact they are approaching 2,000 years old, and yet many of them look as if they were discarded or lost just recently. Dr Andrew Birley, CEO and Director of Excavations for the Trust explained ‘We know this site very well and at the start of  Read more...

The Vindolanda Trust collection gains national quality accolade

Vindolanda Trust - Wednesday, May 25, 2016
The Vindolanda Charitable Trust near Bardon Mill, Hexham, has been officially awarded Designated status by the Arts Council England for its rare, unique and extraordinary collection of Roman artefacts from the Vindolanda archaeological site. Roman Vindolanda, situated in the central sector of the Hadrian’s Wall World Heritage Site is regarded as one of the most eminent archaeological sites in Britain. The site which pre-dates the construction of Hadrian’s Wall, was home to at least 9 forts and 400 years of Roman occupation. The ongoing annual excavations of this site have produced one  Read more...

Vindolanda Volunteer opportunities 2016

Vindolanda Trust - Sunday, April 10, 2016
Volunteer Opportunities. Join the team and bring Roman Vindolanda to life Are you passionate about Vindolanda, Hadrian’s Wall and the Romans? Do you want to share your enthusiasm with others? Would you like to get hands on experience with objects from Roman Vindolanda, some almost 2000 years old? Join our volunteering team and become part of the Vindolanda experience. Vindolanda Heritage Volunteer Guides The Vindolanda Trust is looking for volunteers to join its heritage guiding team. This programme, now running for its seventh season has been very successful for the guides and  Read more...

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