Winter Opening 2016-2017

Vindolanda Trust - Sunday, October 16, 2016


After a wonderful summer at Vindolanda and the Roman Army Museum, our trustees have decided on the below opening hours for winter 2016-2017.


Vindolanda will remain open daily up to and including January 1st 2017, except Christmas Day.

The Roman Army Museum will be open every weekend and available for group bookings of 20 or more. Please contact the office for further details.

Roman Vindolanda Museum & Fort

Daily 10am to 4pm
1st Nov 2016 to Jan 1st 2017

(Closed Christmas Day)

Last admission: 45 minutes before closing


Roman Army Museum

Weekends Only 10am to 4pm

1st Nov to 16th Dec 2016

Daily 10am to 4pm

17th Dec to Jan 1st 2017 (Closed Christmas Day)

Last admission: 30 minutes before closing




Weekends Only 10am to 4pm

1st Nov to 21st Dec 2014

Daily 10am to 4pm

22nd Dec to Jan 4th 2015 (Closed Christmas Day)

Last admission: 30 minutes before closing

Bespoke toilet seat company pledges funds towards preservation of ancient loo seat.

Vindolanda Trust - Tuesday, October 07, 2014

As world-wide interest in the discovery of an ancient toilet seat in Northumberland continues a bespoke toilet seat manufacturer Tosca & Willoughby based in Oxfordshire have stepped forward and pledged a cash sum towards its preservation.  James Williams, Director of Tosca & Willoughby said ‘we are absolutely fascinated by the discovery of a perfectly preserved ancient loo seat, as our own seats are handcrafted we admire the Roman craftsmanship which in this case has certainly stood the test of time’. 

Mr Williams approached the Vindolanda Trust to help support the conservation of this seat when discovering the Vindolanda Trust was funded by visitors to the site.  Mr Williams went on to say ‘we realise our donation is a drop in the ocean when you consider the overall cost of excavation and the preservation of these fascinating artefacts but we hope our continued pledges will help even in a small way towards the work of the Trust’.  Tosca & Willoughby will be producing a special edition version of their most popular Thunderbox seat, with a percentage of the sales going to the Vindolanda Trust.


Patricia Birley, Director of the Vindolanda Trust commented ‘the work undertaken at Vindolanda which includes annual excavations, conservation and public display of artefacts can only happen with the support of the general public. The Trust is therefore delighted to receive a donation towards the cost of preserving our Roman toilet seat. The  Romans were well known for their fine craftsmanship and it is great to see these traditions continue in the U.K with companies like Tosca & Willoughby’. 






The discovery of such a personal everyday item from nearly 2000 years ago has intrigued people across the world and its legacy will now continue with a special edition ‘Vindolanda’ Thunderbox seat being launched by Tosca & Willoughby in time for the ancient loo seat going on public display.


 Link to Press release pdf



Photos available:  Roman Latrine (toilet) seat.

                             Thunderbox seat, Tosca & Willoughby

For further information please contact:

Sonya Galloway, The Vindolanda Trust, 01434 344277 

James Williams, Director, Tosca & Willoughby Ltd, 01844 353477


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