The Vindolanda Trust welcomes the Northumberland Region of the University of the Third Age

Vindolanda Trust - Tuesday, September 24, 2013
The Vindolanda Trust was delighted to welcome a group of almost 100 members of the University of the Third Age from across Northumberland, to Roman Vindolanda and the Roman Army Museum on Monday 23rd September.

Their event – ‘Vindolanda - A study day’ was very well attended and received. During the day they received three talks from the Vindolanda Trust Senior Team on the ‘History of Vindolanda’, ‘The Vindolanda Excavations’ and ‘The Vindolanda Charitable Trust’.

They also enjoyed free time to visit the Fort and Museum at Vindolanda, The Roman Army Museum and Hadrian’s Wall.

Some of the comments heard throughout the day included:

"Really glad I came"

"Inspiring, - made you think"

"Enthusiasm pours out from everyone on the Vindolanda team"

"The speakers painted such a vivid picture of life in Roman times you could almost smell it"

The Vindolanda Trust frequently welcomes U3A groups to both Vindolanda and the Roman Army Museum and we hope to be able to welcome many more in the future.


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"Very interesting and informative overall. 3D film first class! Staff friendly and helpful" Mr F, Canada - Roman Army Museum