Experience Living Archaeology at Roman Vindolanda

Vindolanda Trust - Monday, April 07, 2014

Visitors to Roman Vindolanda can this year experience the 2nd year of a the ‘frontiers in transition’ archaeological research project, The Vindolanda Trust has been granted Scheduled Monument Consent from 2013 to 2018  to research this project and the Archaeologists and volunteers return with trowels in hand from April through to September.

This exciting project will build on previous work undertaken at the site and is targeted at answering some of the most challenging questions left unanswered about the Roman frontier.  

Vindolanda’s archaeological programme has developed a huge following, with over 90,000 people visiting the site every year to watch the archaeology taking place.  Visitors can walk around the excavation sites that are the focal point for so many recent finds.

The award-winning museum, set in charming gardens with a reconstructed temple, Roman house and shop, also enables visitors to find out for themselves how the Romans lived at what was the farthest reaches of the Roman Empire.

Roman Vindolanda and the Roman Army Museum together offer visitors a unique insight into life at the Roman frontier.  In addition to the internationally famous Vindolanda Writing Tablets, visitors can explore the extensive collection of 2000 year-old rare artefacts.  Included in the collection are two goddess finds from the 2012 excavations – A seated statue of Fortuna – regarded as goddess of fate, chance and luck, and part of a dedication slab to Ahvardua, a water-goddess.

Just 10 minutes along the road at The Roman Army Museum, visitors can enjoy Edge Of Empire, the stunning REAL 3D film, and the newly developed Roman classroom, complete with teacher, Velius Longus, (who will emerge from the past via a hologram).


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